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They say great minds think alike - well ours do.

1450cubed is the brainchild of Sharon Hardcastle - a strategic marketeer with an impressive CV - and award winning Creative Director Nick Morgan.

Together they bring the best of left and right brain thinking.

Sharon's strategic left brain provides the experience and brand framework required to compete effectively.

Nick's right brain creativity helps businesses thrive in a multi-dimensional marketplace.

These two sides create the perfect brand marketing brain, the dimension of which is 1450cm3.

Why not

At 1450cubed we specialise in brand design and development; creative marketing and communication strategies along side customer loyalty solutions, whether you're just starting out or an established business.

We will help you evolve your business by providing cost effective brand and marketing solutions we have developed for our Nurture programme.

Be nurtured,

Brand design and development

  • Brand creation and registration
  • Brand assets and logo design
  • Brand evolution and refreshment

Creative marketing and communication strategies

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Point of sale
  • Digital design

Customer loyalty and reward

  • Understand customer behaviour
  • Discover the relationship
  • Reap the reward

New Product Development

  • Generate ideas
  • Market research
  • Sourcing and production

See what we do,

We started 1450cubed to be a place that always inspires.

Everyone who works with us, or for us, is on the same wavelength.

A fun, creative atmosphere fused with efficient and effective processes.

As well as working with others, we create our own brands and products.

Be inspired,

We know and understand how important it is for you to have our input into your business whenever you need it.

We work with you at every stage of the Nurture process to understand you, your business and your customers.

We tailor our Nurture solutions to suit your needs as well as your budget.

We love to work with like-minded people and play a part in future growth.

Work with us,

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